Feel the fear and do it anyway... the day we agreed to be in a book

North Wagga store.jpg

When I was growing up, my parents owned a corner store. This is a photo of it taken during the 1950s, and it looks much the same as I remember it as a kid in the 1970s.

I have so many memories of this place: sneaking into the lolly corner (and probably eating the profits), Icy Poles costing 9c and Smiths Crisps 25c, and lunches being supplied to the school just down the road in a wicker laundry basket. I used to walk down to the school with the Year 6 students, paper bag in hand containing a sausage roll and sauce packet, and being carried back to the shop in the (now empty) laundry basket.

My parents and siblings worked long days, and probably long nights, but it enabled my family to buy their little piece of paradise down the road and create a home filled with so much love.

Growing up in this place sparked a love of business and awareness of money as ‘a thing’ from a young age. Studying Commerce in Year 9 and 10 led to choosing Economics in Years 11 and 12, followed by a university degree majoring in Accountancy and Economics, all of which fostered my interest.

I’ve always loved talking about ‘the money stuff, I’ve also always loved making complex ideas and concepts simple and accessible, whether working as a high school teacher, financial adviser, university lecturer or now as the Founder and Strategic Director of #Sprout_Ed.

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In mid-January 2019, Simone Eyles got in touch about a book she and Dianna Somerville were creating, featuring local leaders (the entrepreneurs) and feeders (local business organisations). Having launched #Sprout_Ed as a result of the CSU AgriTech Incubator which Simone and Di helped facilitate, I was IN!

And here is the final product:

We have an amazing start-up community in our local area. I am continually inspired by the people around me who over the years have taken the leap and followed their passion.

Even though the concept for #Sprout_Ed first formed in 1995, it never seemed to be the right time, the right place, so I kept putting it off. I kept building knowledge, skills, networks and creating content and programs - and it really did take a friendly push from a few friends (one in particular) to step out and make the vision a reality.

Hatched Night.JPG

Fast forward to now: I’m living my passion, get to work with some amazing people, and am loving it. I decided to be a part of #HATCHED the book because perhaps by sharing my story, someone else out there who has been sitting on an idea for years and years will think “maybe it’s not too late” and have the chance to do the same.

So that’s us -and our story - in print.

Oh, and did I mention that #HATCHED was launched by the amazing Samantha Wills? Admittedly I’m not into jewellery or fashion and had to Google her initially, but hearing her speak was a delight. Samantha represents a rare combination of down-to-earth-ness and stratospheric success. I could have listened to her for hours and her message about authenticity resonated so much.

One of Samantha’s slides read: “ People don’t purchase what you do… they purchase why you do it…”

I do what I do because I want you to live your best life; without financial stress, feeling in control and confident, regardless of how much you earn or how much you own.

I want to help you change how you think and feel about money so you can do that.

I have the best job in the world.

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Jenny Rolfe