Providing parents, carers and educators with a range of practical resources to teach kids about money.


Money Savvy Families

Want to teach your kids good money habits? Not sure how to go about it?

Money Savvy Families offers face-to-face workshops, webinars and resources with practical, age-appropriate strategies to teach kids about money and making good choices.

Our programs and resources are structured around stages of childhood development:

* Starting young (ages 0-2)

* Preschool power (ages 3-5)

* Growing up (ages 6-9)

* Stepping up (ages 10-13)

*Starting out (14-17)

* Stepping out (ages 18+)


Money Savvy Kids (

and Money Savvy Girls)

Money Savvy Kids - offered as Financial Foundations workshops for 10-13 year olds, and Financial Future workshops for 14-18 year olds - helps kids start taking control of their financial future.

They’re designed to get young people thinking and talking about money, to build knowledge and confidence for making positive and informed financial decisions.

Delivered by highly trained and experienced facilitators, the practical and interactive sessions cover financial concepts such as earning and spending, budgeting, goal setting and planning for the future.

The Financial Future workshops delve into more detail around working, taxation, superannuation, credit and contracts.

Money Savvy Kids is open to all young people, while Money Savvy Girls is designed specifically for young women.

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Business Savvy Kids

(and Business Savvy Girls)

The future of work will look and feel very different for the kids of today.

Our Business Savvy workshops are offered as a three-day intensive program, as well as in a ten-week format. Each cohort walks though the business journey, from initial idea to getting your concept out there, with lots of practical skills about marketing, finances, team building and networking thrown in along the way.

The final session of each workshop provides the opportunity to network with and pitch ideas to local business owners.

Business Savvy Kids is offered to all young people aged 13-19, while Business Savvy Girls is designed specifically for young women.


Customised Workshops and Professional Development

We can create and facilitate customised workshops for groups and organisations working with families.

We also offer professional development and financial literacy and capability training for educators, based around the embedding of financial literacy in the Australian Curriculum.

Please contact us for more details.