Week 4 January 2019 - Debtbusters

Track my spend

Most debt busting strategies rely on the ability to focus surplus income towards extra repayments. But how do we even know if we have surplus income to do that?

Enter our fabulous spending and savings planning tool (otherwise known as a budget). Eight of 10 Australians say they have a budget, but only two of them actually stick to it. The fact is, ‘budget’ can be a bit of a dirty word, right up there with ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’. Why? Because most of us fail miserably at creating a budget that is realistic, that works for us, helps us feel in control, and is in a format that we use.

For the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking about budgeting strategies that work. I’m also running a couple of face-to-face Budgeting Skills workshops in February. Watch the clip, download the resources, and don’t forget to track your spending!

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