Week 1 March 2019 - Super Smart (and Super Serious)

Intro to super

Superannuation is simply a tax-effective way to save for retirement.

It’s been around in Australia for a long time - since the 1850s actually! Most of us know about it - and have an account - because of the introduction of the Superannuation Guarantee on 1 July 1992.

Understanding how your super account work is SO important for your financial wellbeing, because it is YOUR money. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission have some great info about super on their Moneysmart website here including calculators and a great clip about women talking super which is also linked.

Your task this week: search for lost super using your My Gov account, and get a copy of your most recent super statement for each fund that you have.

This is important: please don’t make any changes to your super funds until you have ALL of the information you need, and that may also mean getting professional advice.

Please remember that all of the information provided in the Lunchtime Money Club is factual information and is not intended to be general or personal advice.

Super Smart Week 1
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